Padam Lake

Padam Lake (a.k.a. Padam Talao)

The semi-arid forests of Ranthambore are also famous for its several waterholes and small lakes which are great places to get a close view of the wildlife. Padam Talao is the largest of the water bodies in the park and is often called a lake. The place is majestic and if visited at the right season can be a haven for the wildlife photographers. Wildlife species like deer, monkeys, hyenas and Chitals can be spotted here from the safe confines of the treetop ‘Maachans’ (platforms). If lucky, you might also be able to spot the majestic predators like Tigers and Leopards who often lurk near these waterholes in search of prey. One could also visit the majestic Jogi Mahal, which is located at the banks of the lake. Padam Talao is also famous for the picturesque water lilies and lotus flowers that grow in abundance here after the rainy season.

Photo (cropped) by NH53, CC BY 2.0