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  • Uttaranchal - Best Time To Visit

    Uttaranchal is a part of the Western Himalayan ranges, starting from the Shivalik foothills to the Greater Himalayas, with Tibet as its northeastern border. In the northwestern corner of the state is Himachal Pradesh, and Haryana. The state is surrounded by Uttar Pradesh for most of its western and southern boundary.

    The state has two distinct climatic regions: the predominant hilly terrain and the smaller plain region. The climatic condition of the plains is very similar to its counterpart in the Gangetic plain. Summers are extremely hot with temperatures going over the 40C mark and a lot of humidity. Winters can be chilly with temperatures going below 5C at times.

    The Himalayan region has Alpine conditions characterized by cold winters with snowfall for quite a long time, good rainfall in the monsoon, and mild summers. This climate attracts tourists seeking spiritual refuge, adventure or simply scenic beauty.

    Best Time to Visit
    The best time to visit the Himalayan region is the summer, when the weather is very pleasant. Parts of the hills will be inaccessible in winter. The plains region is best visited in winter, when the weather is milder.

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