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    Kolkata Tour packages take you to this magnificent cultural city in India. People in Kolkata are very touchy about existence of Kolkata. For them Kolkata is not only a city, it is someone staying in their hearts. This is city of joy to its people and mesmerizes any one visiting Kolkata. On Kolkata Tour Packages, you will admire the grandeur of Kolkata and will be definitely hooked by its charm when you explore this city deeply. Kolkata is not a very old city like Delhi. It was put to this status by European powers in India for increasing their hold. Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal in India.

    On Kolkata Tour Packages, you can visit its many places of importance. One of the most important structures is huge white marbled structure, Victoria Memorial, which was erected in British Raj. It has been converted into museum now having large collection of memorabilia from days of Raj. Then there is Fort Williams, built in 1781, entry to which is restricted and got into after special permissions. You won’t like to miss a visit to famous cricket ground, Eden Garden. Other Places of interest in Kolkata are Birla Planetarium, Kali Mandir, Howrah Bridge, Belur Math, Dakshineshwar Kali Temple, Botanical Garden, Marble Palace, Tagore House, Church of St John, Nakhoda Mosque, Raj Bhawan, Town Hall, and St. Paul's Cathedral.

    On Kolkata Tour Packages, you can surely enjoy many cultural events held in city like Durga Puja, Saraswati Puja , Calcutta Book Fair which is one of the largest in Asia. Another activity you can enjoy on your Kolkata Tour Packages is shopping. There are host of good and busy markets in Kolkata, where you can buy things at reasonable prices and get value for money. Textile industry in Kolkata is very mature and you can choose from variety of stuffs according to your taste. Some of the popular markets are Bagri Market, Bowbazar at B. B. Ganguly Street, Chandni Market, China Bazaar, College Street, Dakshinapan Market and Lake Market.

    On Kolkata tour packages, you won’t have any problem as Kolkata is well connected. It has its own international airport, connected by ship route. Mechanized boats and ships are available on a regular basis for Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Luxury cruises are also operational between Kolkata and Haldia, a modern port city nearby. Kolkata has the first underground metro of India.

    We offer the following tours.

    Itinerary Tour Code Cities Focus No. of Days Hotel
    Ethnic Textile tour SIT-01 Calcutta/ Bhubaneshwar/ Sambhalpur / Boudh/ BissamCuttack/ Jeypore/ Malkangiri/ Rayagada/ Taptapani/ Bhubaneshwar/ Calcutta Tribal Culture 14 First Class and Budget Class
    Golf in India SIT-02 Delhi / Chandigarh/ Shimla/ Calcutta/ Madras/ Coimbatore/ Ooty/ Bangalore/ Kolkata GOLF 21 Deluxe Class and First Class

    Kolkata Tours Packages

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