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    Chennai is the ideal starting point to begin a tour of South India. The beaches, temples, culture and crafts of South India wait to be discovered by you, as you arrive in Chennai. There are many tours that you can take from Chennai. This capital city of Tamil Nadu, is situated on the coast, allowing you to travel both inland and out to sea. A list of tours is given below. These tours have been planned keeping in mind the needs of individual and group travelers. These tours are indicative in nature. They can be customized according to your interest and convenience. Please mail us your requirements - we are happy to help you find a memorable tour to India.

    Itinerary Tour Code Cities Focus No. of Days Hotel
    Golden Triangle Tour GT-III Chennai/ Kanchipuram/ Mahabalipuram Culture, Beaches , Architecture , Temples 6 All Classes
    Rejuvenation & Meditation RJT-01 Chennai / Mahabalipuram / Thanjavur / Trichy / Swamilamalai/ Madras Rejuvenation 15 First Class and Budget Class
    Tour Itinerary of Andaman Island SP-05 Chennai/ Port Blair/ Chennai Ross Island, wind surfing, scuba diving 05 --

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    Chennai Tours Packages

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